My Journey

I was born on planet earth not too long ago. I am, in this moment, an earthling moving through both time and space. I am travelling down a path that is helping me to understand what, exactly, being a human means.

My thoughts and words are not my own. They are echoes from my footsteps – ones that have been taken many times before, by many humans before me. Eventually our own steps will echo throughout eternity. We all struggle with our humanity, my hope is to share that struggle with you.

Born in Canada, I have recently completed a Juris Doctor (J.D) law degree at the University of Canberra in Canberra, Australia.

 When I’m not studying law or writing, I enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. I plan to travel the entire world and experience all of its magic.

Be good to each other.

– Michael Giorgi


21 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. Hey, I came across your blog that my cousin Lorianne liked. I think you write really well, on themes everyone can identify with. Looking forward to the next one, keep it up! Francoise

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  2. Michael,
    So far I have read 2 of your pieces (on failure & on romance). You have been able to describe certain aspects of my life, parts that have been hard for me to clearly articulate. I am so grateful to have come across your writing and look forward to reading more!


  3. Hi I found your blog via Craig at Mind Body Mash. Your blog looks really interesting so I’m following. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog.

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