On Going Through the Motions:

In meditation, there’s a few different reasons as to why the mantra is used.

Some sects of Buddhism or Hinduism believe that muttering certain words manifests change. The words plant a little seed in the plan of the universe which is then nurtured by our positive deeds, good intentions, and dedication to our practice.

Other sects believe that the mantra is a set of arbitrary words used to numb the mind.

This is because when we take any word, and say it over and over and over and over again, it loses all meaning.

When the word eventually fades into the realm of meaninglessness, we are essentially muttering nothing at all. We have short circuited our way to an empty mind. A quiet mind.

A mind content in its meaninglessness.

[ Source: http://www.keypersonofinfluence.com ] .
An integral element of turning a word or a mantra meaningless is that there must not and can not be anything behind the words. We have to say the words without putting any feeling behind it.

We may have originally known the intention of our mantra, and we may have started our chants with intense purpose and sincerity, but somewhere along the way we must lose that intent and meaning in order for words, and their meaning, to fade into oblivion.


This is exactly what happens in life when we go through the motions.

We get up every day and follow the same routine. Go to the same job, to perform the same functions, with the same faces surrounding us, who are also performing their own monotonous functions.

Too many of us call this life. Too many of us call this living.

Like the mantras that lose all meaning, along the way we’ve lost what’s behind our words and our actions.

We’re performing the action of living, without actually possessing the intent to live.

We’re just saying the words over and over and over again. Our actions are for the sake of action.

And in this way our lives become meaningless.


We confuse the action itself as being the crucial element of life, when in reality it is the intention behind our actions that matters the most.

Life isn’t about the vacation or the trip, it’s about why we’re going, what we’re getting from it, or what we’re running from.

It isn’t about the code we live by, it’s about why we’ve chosen that path. It’s about discovering the fears and the pressures that have convinced us to live life a certain way, and it’s about choosing – for your own reasons – to find a different code to follow.

It’s not about the corner office job, but why we get up and work there every day.

Once you lose the intention behind the action, it becomes meaningless.

One should therefore not rely on mere words, but everywhere search for the intention behind them.”ย Buddhist Scriptures.

And that goes for anything in life.

You can be a brilliant poet, painter, athlete, lover, worker, or mother, but if the intention behind it isn’t pure or has been forgotten, then your actions cease to have meaning.

Your actions become a mantra.

Your boss, your partner, your children, and your team mates will all begin to feel the insincerity behind those meaningless actions.


Life is never about the choices we make.

It’s about why we make those choices. It’s about those tiny moments of integrity, when we know we’ve made an unpopular choice but have stayed true to ourselves.

It’s about being fearless in the face of external pressures or socially constructed fears.

Portrait Herm of
Socrates : One of My Favourite Examples of a Man Unconcerned With Social Fears or Pressures.

Life is the fire, intention is the oxygen that gives it strength and beauty.

So breathe some fresh air into your life.


Take some time to reflect on why you’re doing everything in your life. Look at everything you do today as a choice, and question the intention behind that choice.

That is where your power comes from.

You have the choice and the power to live life how you want to live it.

Don’t let any person or misplaced fear take that away from you.

Don’t go through the motions.

Live your life with conscious intention.

And you’ll be living a meaningful life again.

Be good to each other,

โ€“ MG.

14 thoughts on “On Going Through the Motions:

  1. Such a truthful post. So many of us go through the motions, day by day, as though we’re on autopilot. I’m hoping this year to be more mindful in everything I do. Thank you, as always, for the reminders.

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  2. Kind of reminds me of the problem with addictions, once you keep doing it over and over it becomes just going through the motions. It loses meaning and effect. Then you get trapped in it, and it’s hard to break free because it is about as natural as waking up and going to work (if you work a regular 9-5 job). But I could just be completely missing the mark of your post entirely, it’s just the first thing I thought of.

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    1. I don’t think you missed the mark at all! Many of us turn to drugs and alcohol without really knowing the intention behind it, and we begin committing the action just for the sake of the action!

      Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve gone from Toronto to Alberta to Sydney to Bali in a short few days, haven’t had much time!

      Thanks as always for the comment and your insight!

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    1. I think there is often much meaning in life’s many paradoxes. Kinda reminds us not to take any of these things too seriously, doesn’t it?

      Thanks for the comment, sorry my response was late I’ve been travelling in Indonesia and haven’t had any access to internet!

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  3. Excellent post dear Mike… I guess there are moments of enlightenment in which we suddenly realized we are alive… taxonomically, we could say that those could be the best or worst moments, according to the circumstances we are going through… I think you are right when you state that `Life is never about the choices we make, but about why we make those choices.
    Thanks for sharing… as always, I love your posts… Sending best wishes. Happy weekend ahead. Aquileana ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks Aquileana! I definitely am guilty of going through the motions sometimes, but I think we all are!

      I enjoy your posts as well! Happy weekend and all the best!

      I enjoy your posts as well.

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