Hello my Fellow Travellers!

Welcome to MichaelGiorgi.com! Thanks for joining me on this little corner of the interwebs. I’m honoured that you’ve chosen to spend a little of your time with me today.

Here you’ll find all the posts from the blog (formerly known as) Echoes From The Path.

Who knows, I might even post something new from time to time. If I manage to fight that ever-creeping existential dread long enough to do so, you’ll find the newer stuff under the quickies section of the drop down menu.

Check out My Journey to learn a little more about me.

The blog was created as a place to celebrate being yourself, being a human, and being a part of this little blue speck of spinning star debris we call Earth.

It contains five sections; Life, Love, Happiness, Humanity, and the Letters that I’ve written. Feel free to check out anything that appeals to you!

I hope we can learn and grow together.

Be good to each other,

– MG.