Hello my fellow travellers!

Welcome to MichaelGiorgi.com! Thank you for joining me on this path that I walk. I am honoured that you have chosen to spend a little of your time with me today.

This site features all things Mike Giorgi. Here you can find links to, and descriptions of, my published work. You’ll also find my blog – formerly known as Echoes From The Path – as well as updates on all of my travels and projects via various forms of social media.

Check out My Journey to learn a little more about me and my hopes for these echoes that we’re creating together. 

My blog section is a place to celebrate being yourself, being human, and being an earthling. Therein contains five sections; Life, Love, Happiness, Humanity, and the Letters that I’ve written. Feel free to check out anything that appeals to you!

I hope we can learn and grow together.

Be good to each other,

– MG.